Meet Jimmy: Chehalis man always looking for letters that rarely come is flooded with mail after viral post

A Chehalis man who goes to the local post office at least three times a day searching for mail that rarely comes now has more letters than he could have ever imagined - and it's all thanks to one viral post on Facebook. 

Susan Gonzales of Chehalis has known Jimmy for more than a decade. When she saw him sitting at the post office one morning and asked him what he was doing, he told her he was waiting for the mail. 

Gonzales told Jimmy the mail wouldn't be arriving for another two hours, but he said that was fine. 

Gonzales later asked a friend at the post office how much mail Jimmy gets. That's when she learned that Jimmy rarely gets any mail, but he still goes to the post office at least three times a day to check his PO box.

It took one viral post and a dedicated Facebook page to change that. Now, Jimmy is getting letters and gifts from all over the world. 

Jimmy's newfound fame has brought him so much mail it doesn't all fit into his tiny PO box.  And he's really enjoying his local celebrity status. 

If you want to send Jimmy a letter or gift, he's a big fan of chocolate chip cookies, tacos, vanilla lattes, camping, the color green - and karaoke.

You can send the mail to this address: 

James Armfield
P.O. Box 493 
Chehalis, WA 98532