Medical marijuana treats for pets? Doggie giggles?

SEATTLE -- Some say marijuana edibles may help ailing dogs and cats, just as they do in humans.

One woman who started a "pot doggie biscuit" business says that, in safe doses, it works wonders.

They look like your typical doggie biscuit. But these treats are much more than just a tasty snack for your pooch.

Christine Kithcart, owner of Chrissy's Kitchen, says she`s been perfecting marijuana treats for dogs and cats for nearly a decade. It started when her beloved dog Pepe -- who suffered from seizures and arthritis -- accidentally ingested some medical marijuana.

"One day Pepe got a hold of the crumble of a cookie that Doug accidentally dropped, and for two days after that he (Pepe) didn't have a seizure," Kithcart said.

After discovering what she calls a miracle in a biscuit, Kithcart launched Chrissy's Kitchen, selling dog and cat 'medibles' to local dispensaries -- which, in turn,  sell the treats as novelty items. She insists the low dosage in the treats won't harm pets.

Local vets say they're aware of the treats, but don't recommend them  because they are not regulated and haven't been tested enough to support claims of success. They also say that even very low doses of marijuana can have negative effects on pets.

Jacob Thompson says he feeds the biscuits to his 9-year-old shepherd that suffered from hipdysplasia.

"There's honestly no better feeling, to see my dog get up and move around. I haven't seen him do it in a couple of years, so it's kind of cool."

Kithcart says she knows there will be critics, but she's moving forward with her biscuit business.

"I have sent in for patent," she said. "I'm also in a lot of the (medical marijuana) dispensaries around here."

And who knows, maybe the secret ingredient isn't the pot -- it's just a lot of love.

"They deserve the same quality of life as we do. They deserve to be loved, treated fairly and given something organic that`s going to help them," Kithcart said.

Vets say it's still a very new idea and that large doses of marijuana may be harmful to your pet.

And if you're going to feed your pet "medibles," don't be afraid to tell your vet. They say full disclosure is crucial and that way they can help monitor the effects and best serve your dog or cat.