McGinn: 'Leave a place better than when you found it'

SEATTLE -- Supporters of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wouldn't let him concede victory to Ed Murray Tuesday night.

"You guys are awfully sweet," McGinn told the crowd after the first day of vote results showed him trailing Murray by 13 points. "You're making me feel like those numbers are reversed."

But the reality was that Murray was holding a seemingly insurmountable 56-43% lead over McGinn.

McGinn said, "You want to leave a place better than when you found it," and told his supporters that he believes he's done that during his four years as Seattle mayor, doubling the family and education levy, pushing through paid sick leave, and brokering an arena deal for the eventual return of an NBA team

Critics of the mayor said McGinn's politics were too combative. His opponent had the support of most of the other City Council members, along with the city attorney and King County sheriff. But the mayor refused to speculate on why his message didn't seen to resonate with voters.

"That's all for the Monday morning quarterbacking," said McGinn. "For today, I'm just thankful for all of the work all of these great people did on behalf of my campaign."