Mayor Murray: No plan B for tunnel project; 'frustrated' with police behavior

SEATTLE -- There are still no answers about when and if the Bertha boring machine will resume digging the SR 99 tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  However, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray remains confident the project will proceed.

“There is no plan B,” Murray said during an interview on Q13 FOX News.  “The plan is to build a tunnel.”

Murray said the state, which oversees the project, still has his confidence.

“A private contractor holds the liability if it’s not built,” Murray said.  “Those contractors are going to figure out how to build this tunnel.”

Police Reform

The Seattle Police Department has been in the headlines recently for more problems within the force.

"I’m frustrated, I’m disappointed, I’m worried,” said Murray.

Two officers were recently put on leave for posting racially charged messages online.  One of them was involved in a controversial arrest of a black man that top brass had to come out and apologize for.  “It’s not easy to watch citizens be harassed,” said Murray.

Homeless Encampments

Murray says he is authorizing three more homeless encampments to deal with the growing problem of people sleeping on the streets.   “Encampments are only an answer for a somewhat safer place for people to spend the night.” Murray said.  “They are not an answer to homelessness.”

The mayor said the long-term solution is more funding from the state and federal government.  In the meantime, the city will do it’s best to accommodate the growing problem by providing more space for “tent cities.”

“They will not be in residential areas,” Murray said.