Mayor, interim police chief respond to 11 reported shootings in Seattle over the weekend

The shooting at Tony T’s Sports Lounge near T-Mobile Park early Sunday morning is jarring to officials, not just for the innocent victims involved, but also for the number of shots that were fired at the crowded location. 

Seattle Police recovered 80 shell casings and the shooter or shooters have not been found.

A 14-year-old girl was shot in the leg and was hospitalized in critical condition. 

"Having that many rounds and having just one victim is a miracle to me," said interim Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz.

Over a 48-hour period, 12 people were shot in the greater Seattle area. One person died in what Diaz called a random encounter at the basketball courts at Cal Anderson Park, 15 minutes after the shooting at Tony T’s.

Diaz says police are making ballistics comparisons involving each shooting, but so far, there has been no connection.

When asked about the weekend shootings, Mayor Bruce Harrell said "my core responsibility is [that] Seattle must be a place that is safe."

He says he has a plan to recruit more officers and said that is not the only solution.

Diaz says just one shooting can take up police resources of one precinct, but when there are multiple spread out over the city, it’s taxing on the department.

"Officers are literally going from one scene to the next," he said.

Seattle weekend shootings leave 1 dead, 7 injured

Seattle police are continuing their investigation after one person was killed and several people were injured in shootings over the weekend. 

There have been 488 recorded shots fired with Seattle Police so far this year, and 15% involve 10 rounds or more being fired at one location.

"That alarms us," said Diaz  "If you do the math, in several dozens of shootings, people are just randomly firing".

Police confiscated 12 firearms from private security working at Tony T’s during the shooting.  It’s unclear if any of the armed security fired a shot during the shooting.

Management for Tony T's has not commented on the shooting as of Monday. 

Diaz says sometimes armed security can add to the chaos when a shooting happens.

"I can understand the need for it," said Diaz. "But when you are getting to 80 rounds, we are not talking about self-defense here. People literally are randomly shooting at each other and you don't know who that round is going to hit."

Some in Seattle have noticed a pattern of shootings on warm summer nights.

When FOX 13 asked Harrell if he would direct SPD to have more officers on patrol on warm nights, the mayor responded, "I don’t typically discuss our tactical decisions, quite frankly, those often committing crimes are listening to the words that I say."

FOX 13 also asked the mayor a question he has heard many times before but continues to be asked whenever there are weekends of extreme violence: "what are you going to do about it?"

"What I constantly say, in addition to what we are doing right now-- the prevention work, the intervention work, our investments our recruiting more officers – I tell people if you have ideas too, we receive them," he said.

"It’s easy for people to sit on the sidelines and say ‘do more’ - tell us what more we will do", Harrell said. "Because I have smart people and committed people keeping the city safe."