Massive fire jumps from building to building in downtown Bothell

BOTHELL, Wash. -- A fire that started at an under construction apartment complex in downtown Bothell has spread to a cafe and a bank. There are road closures and power outages in the area.

A firefighter told Q13 News in her 17 years she has never seen anything like this -- a fire jumping from building to building in historic downtown Bothell.

The fire appears to have started around 3 a.m. in a building under construction near 102nd Ave. NE and Main Street. Several other buildings appear to be damaged, including the Kozy Corner Cafe and Wells Fargo Bank.

No injuries were reported though some residents in the city just north of Seattle were evacuated.

Q13 News reporter John Hopperstad reports that this fire is so hot that it has melted a crane, and strong winds are a concern right now, blowing embers and igniting nearby plants and trees.

Stephan Mourer, an employee at the Three Lions Pub across the street said he had just closed the bar and was walking to his car when he heard massive explosions from the fire.

"The flames were so high they were way over the trees," said witness Marlo Madsen. "It looked like all of downtown Bothell was on fire."

Mourer says the explosions shook the ground, and flames appeared to shoot up to 200 feet in the air.

Officials said the Mercantile Building and Bothell Mall sustained the majority of the damage.

As of10 a.m., road closures that remained in effect due to fire activity include:

• NE 183rd Street between 101st Ave NE and 104th Ave NE
• Main Street between Bothell Way/SR527 and Kaysner/104th Ave NE
• Beardslee Blvd between 104th Ave NE to Sunrise Drive
• 101st Ave NE between NE 183rd Street and SR 522
• 102nd Ave NE between NE 183rd Street and SR 522
• 103rd Ave NE between NE 185th Street and Main Street
• 104th Ave NE between 185th Street and Main
• Kaysner/104th Ave NE between 185th Street and Main Street