Mason County sheriff: Young men burglarized trailer home, then set it on fire

SHELTON, Wash. -- Neighbors used a cell phone to capture video of a fire that destroyed a trailer and several cars on a property in Mason County early Tuesday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies believe four men burglarized the trailer and then set the fire.

"You can hear the propane tanks whistling," said neighbor Ron Morrison.

Morrison and his wife just moved into their home near the 100 block of East Scenic View Road about 10 miles north of Shelton. Early Tuesday morning, they called the sheriff’s office after hearing a group of men next door at the vacant property.

"They were saying grab this, grab that, let’s go, let’s go, and as soon as they got ready to take off I came down off these steps and they had lit this trailer on fire and they had lit the shop on fire," said Morrison.

His wife recorded video of the flames as they shot up into the nearby trees less than 20 yards from their property. Morrison said the suspects drove away, but their car broke down. By the time they got it started, he said, deputies had arrived.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office arrested the group of men who are all under the age of 22. They could face burglary and arson charges.

Investigators said the property is vacant and it appears one of the suspects knows the owner.