Mason County sheriff: High number of wildfires 'suspicious,' sets up task force to investigate

SHELTON, Wash. -- The Mason County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday they believe the 15-plus wildfires they've had in a short period of time are "suspicious" and they're putting together a task force to investigate.

Spokesman Ryan Spurling said there seems to be too many fires in a short period of time, even for hot, dry weather conditions. He said they've had more than 15 fires in a short period, including four Monday night.

There's enough similarities at some of the fire scenes that it's raised an alarm, Spurling said.

Since the sheriff's office doesn't have fire experts on its staff, the sheriff decided to call in some help and is putting together a task force of local agencies and detectives.

Spurling said people who see anything suspicious could call police or South Sound Crime Stoppers.

The first meeting of the task force is set for Thursday, he said.

The largest fire right now, the Kings Landing Fire, has burned 62 acres and is only 30 percent contained. Crews are working on getting a line around the fire.

Hilary Franz, the commissioner of Washington Public Lands, issued the following tweets Tuesday afternoon.