Marysville mom thwarts car prowlers, thieves

MARYSVILLE, Wash. – Amanda Bennett said her surveillance cameras caught a crook red-handed breaking into her car on Thursday morning.

But how the thief got inside the car caught Bennett by surprise.

Marysville Police told Q13 News that sometimes car thieves and prowlers use something called shaved keys, where the keys’ ridges are worn down or shaved just enough to fool the lock to open a door or even start a car.

“We think he used a shaved key to get into the locked car,” said Bennett.

After Bennett’s car was stolen twice from the driveway, she installed cameras in the alleyway. This time the thief didn’t get what he wanted.

“Luckily enough we keep nothing in our cars of value because this has happened many times before,” she said.

Cops said Bennett is doing everything right to protect herself: her car is empty of valuables, there’s a theft deterrent on the steering wheel and surveillance cameras keep watch from above.

Those steps make her neighbor Alex Repanich feel safe.

“That makes me feel a little bit better,” he said.

Marysville Police said some property crimes are fueled by an epidemic of heroin abuse; crooks looking for a quick score will likely move on from an empty car outfitted with a wheel lock.

Bennett has a message for the would-be thief who got away empty-handed.

“Dude, get your life straight,” she said. “Drugs, whatever your problem, get over it. Get help.”

Bennett filed a police report and planned to share the surveillance video with Marysville Police.