Mary's Place helps woman, 2-year-old great-grandson find housing

SEATTLE -- Mary’s Place helped a local great grandmother who is taking care of her 2-year-old great-grandson find her own place to call home.

Eight months ago, Ozella Bradley made a big decision.

“If I slept on the outside, on one night on the ground, then I would not wake up,” said Bradley.

Bradley said she did not have stable housing. Her concerns extended further than just her own well-being. She is also taking care of her great-grandson Carter.

“Not too many people get to live to see a fourth generation, and I’m just totally overwhelmed about it, you know, thankful. I'm happy about it,” said Bradley.

Bradley and little Carter moved into Mary’s Place and went to work to get back on their feet.

“It warms my heart. For us, that’s what Mary’s Place is all about. It’s giving families time. No matter what your family looks like, giving you time to reset your life,” said Marty Hartman, director of Mary's Place.

Hartman says every year hundreds of families like Bradley’s are able to get back on their feet.

“It’s possible that no child has to sleep outside in King County,” said Bradley.

Bradley says thanks to Mary’s Place, for the first time in a while she has her own home.

“It sounds wonderful, ‘My place.’ I can go home,” she said.

Hartman says in 2018, Mary’s Place helped 650 families find stable housing.

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