Mariners announce new premium club upgrades for 2023 season

The Seattle Mariners have announced plans for a new Press Club and major renovations to the T-Mobile Park Diamond Club for the 2023 season, according to a Wednesday press release. 

A new Press Club is expected to be completed ahead of the 2023 season, when Seattle will host the Major League Baseball All-Star Week in July. The existing press box, located directly behind home plate, will be converted into a premium club with capacity for more than 200 guests with seating both inside and out. In addition to its spectacular view of the field, the club will be upgraded with modern decor, soft seating and playful lighting to appeal to fans looking for a unique experience at the game.

The new press club will feature a large bar with creative cocktails, award-winning Northwest wines and T-Mobile Park’s signature variety of craft and premium beers. Top chefs for Sodexo Live! and guest chefs from some of Seattle’s best restaurants will also serve farm-to-table style dishes in the new club. 

The Diamond Club, T-Mobile Park’s original all-inclusive experience, will be upgraded for the first time since the ballpark opened in 1999. Located in the first eight rows behind home plate, the upgraded Diamond Club will feature rich wood tones and designs to create a timeless whiskey bar atmosphere. 

According to the Mariners’ press release, a full service bar will take up an entire wall, and will be backed by a massive 11ft-by-20ft LED TV. Diamond club members will have a variety of food options from Sodexo Live!, including farm-to-table dishes similar to the new Press Club, made-to-order ice cream sundaes and house-made waffle cones, espresso, specialty deserts and grab-and-go ballpark snacks. 

Seattle Mariners unveil new local food options for 2022 season at T-Mobile Park

The Seattle Mariners have unveiled a list of local restaurants to highlight the new menu lineup at T-Mobile Park for the 2022 season.

Both the Diamond Club and Press Club will be available to book for special events on non-game days. To learn more and secure fan access to the clubs, click here.

"The PFD Board of Directors couldn’t be happier with this news. The Mariners have done an excellent job of ensuring access and affordability of tickets and concessions. With the renovation of the Diamond Club and creation of the Press Club, they further ensure that T-Mobile Park remains one of the top-tier ballparks in the nation – further protecting the public’s investment in the facility. This is the vision that both the Mariners and PFD Board shared when signing the new lease, and we’re heartened that it continues to be the guiding principle for these improvements," said Stacy Graven, Board Chair of the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District.

Ichiro Suzuki to throw the ceremonial first pitch to start Mariners 2022 season

Ichiro Suzuki will throw the ceremonial first pitch on Friday, April 15, when the Mariners open the 2022 season at T-Mobile Park, the club announced Thursday.

In addition to the new clubs and renovations, the Working Press Box will be relocated to the Terrace Club Level next to the Dave Niehaus Broadcast Center. The new location maintains an excellent view of the field for the media to cover Mariners games. Terrace club seating will be reduced by 104 seats to make room for the new press box. While the new Press Club will not open until 2023, the relocated press box will open in the middle of the 2022 season to allow construction of the Press Club. 

The budget for these projects reaches nearly $55 million. The cost is being paid by the Mariners and will not receive any revenues from the King County Lodging Tax. Over the first decade of the lease, the Mariners will spend about $100 million on ballpark upgrades. 

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