Maple Valley flooding as bad as it's been in a decade, locals say

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- Locals say the flooding hasn’t been this bad since 2009 State Route 169, as well as other roads, remained flooded throughout Thursday night.

Drivers had to make detours, which doubled people’s time on the road.

First responders at Maple Valley Fire & Life Safety said the Cedar River is five times higher than what it normally measures.

We checked in with a guy named Mike Sharp who lives right in front of the knee-deep water on SR-169.

“It wasn’t quite like this yesterday. It was maybe just a little bit over my driveway,” said Sharp who then waded through the water in his rain boots.

He walked over to the other side to get his girlfriend, carrying her on his back through the floodwater.

“I’m definitely a lucky one for sure,” she said.

A spokesperson with WSDOT said crews were out all day picking up debris on the road. As for the flooding, we’ll have to wait for the water to start receding after another round of rain.