Many roads closed in Centralia after flooding

CENTRALIA, Wash. -- The rain on Monday pounded Centralia, causing road closures and damage to businesses.

At least nine different streets were closed during the day because of flooding; the worst of it was in downtown Centralia.

Some neighborhoods were swallowed up by the water.

“I’m about 3 bricks under now,” Rohje Sison said.

China Creek turned into a raging river by Monday morning, with the fast current coming inches away from Sison's home.

“I don’t have much time,” Sison said.

He wasn’t alone.

“One hundred homes from one end of China Creek all the way to up to Centralia are in danger of flooding,” Centralia homeowner Ray Due said.

Despite the sandbags, it was too late for several buildings in downtown Centralia.

“A guy told me this morning there is water out there. I said, yeah, yeah, there is water and then I looked and I said, oh my goodness, there is a lot of water,” Darlene Seiber said.

The police department had to pump water out of its entrance and a church nearby was doing the same thing.

Bethel Church inside the Liberty Threatre building couldn't keep the water out. Now its nursery is damaged along with all the toys.

“It probably has to be bleached out, that kind of thing,” pastor Kyle Rasmussen said.

As the cleanup began inside the church,  pedestrians, drivers and bikers outside got creative around the road closures.

“It came up my waist in some parts,” said one biker.

But many said it could always be worse.

“Kind of shocking and exciting all at the same time -- thinking about pulling out my fishing pole and going fishing in my yard,” resident Kevin Culbertson said.

Police are reminding people to drive safely and not to ignore road closure signs.
If drivers get caught, they could be fined at least $124.