Many disregard Seattle's park-use-guidelines during warm Saturday

SEATTLE -- Saturday, amazing weather brought people out to Seattle parks, but following the city's guidelines for social distancing did not seem to be on many minds.

In preparation for great weather this weekend, as well as Mother’s Day, Seattle Parks introduced guidelines for staying safe during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

Starting May 8, and continuing through the entirety of the order, major parks in Seattle will close at 8 p.m.

Parks closing at 8 p.m. are Alki Beach, Cal Anderson, Carkeek, Discovery, Gas Works, Golden Gardens, Green Lake, Kubota Garden, Lincoln, Magnuson, Seward, Volunteer, Washington Park Arboretum, West Seattle Stadium, Myrtle Edwards, Judkins, and Woodland parks.

The city is also asking people to follow additional guidelines:

    These guidelines were not followed Saturday.

    “I’m definitely breaking the rules honestly. I’ve stayed at home. This is kind of my cheat day I guess you could say,” said Jake Taylor.

    Taylor and his friends were swimming at Lake Union Park. He says if the city wants guidelines followed, they will need stricter enforcement.

    “You can’t really tell a whole population not to do something and expect them to follow that rule,” he said.

    At Alki Beach, the scene was not much different.

    “I’m stupid for going out and going to the beach today. It’s literally against everything the U.S. is saying right now; stay at home don’t go outside,” said Mary Tiernan.

    However, unlike Tiernan, some said they did not see the risk.

    “If I don’t live with someone who will die from it, then there is no point and who cares if I get it. If I get it and get the flu and die, I mean, I won’t die because I’m 20 years old. Unless I live with someone who is 60 then I’m not affecting anyone,” said Coco Nehme.

    An ambassador walked up and down Alki Beach around 8 p.m. asking people to leave the park. While most complied, a few minutes later, people returned back to the park for things like bonfires.

    For a full list of the city's guidelines click here.