Man spends 10 days in airport waiting for internet girlfriend

Love makes us do crazy things, like spend 10 days in a Chinese airport until we have to be hospitalized for exhaustion.

The BBC reports 41-year-old Alexander Cirk flew from his native Holland to China to meet a 26-year-old woman with whom he'd struck up an online relationship two months earlier.

Cirk believed his internet girlfriend, known only as Zhang, was going to meet him at Changsha airport. But she wasn't there when he arrived, and she didn't show up over the next 10 days, which Cirk spent living in the airport.

Cirk likely would have kept waiting for Zhang except that he had to be taken to the hospital for physical exhaustion, according to Metro. After leaving the hospital, Cirk flew home without ever meeting his would-be love interest.

But Zhang says we shouldn't be too quick to judge her. She says she and Cirk had talked about waiting a year before meeting, so she was caught off guard by his arrival, Shanghaiist reports.

She says Cirk had "seemed a little callous towards me," so when he sent her photos of his plane tickets, "I thought it was a joke." In fact, when Cirk arrived at Changsha, Zhang was in another province having cosmetic surgery.

She says that's why he wasn't able to reach her. But despite what appears to be an extreme case of miscommunication, Zhang says she is still interested in continuing her relationship with Cirk.

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