Man in wheelchair steals firefighters’ equipment from scene of Walmart fire

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — While Ada Township firefighters were putting out a fire that damaged the Cascade Walmart, they didn’t notice a man in a motorized wheelchair had stolen some of their equipment.

According to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department, security footage showed that while firefighters were away from their truck, a man in a motorized wheelchair rolled up, grabbed the equipment, and left.

This happened around 3:30 Saturday morning.

Among the stolen items were an oxygen tank, firefighting mask, and backpack.

Deputies figured the man lived near the scene, so they began to look for vehicles with a hitch equipped to hold a motorized wheelchair.

Their search was short because the first vehicle they found with such a hitch was parked at the thief’s home nearby. The man was arrested and the equipment was returned to the Ada Township Fire Department, albeit slightly damaged.

The name of the man is being withheld pending arraignment.