Man found dead in Renton apartment died from multiple stab wounds, police say


RENTON, Wash. -- Renton police said Friday that the man found dead inside an apartment on Shattuck Avenue South Wednesday died from multiple stab wounds.

Police said they are still researching leads and interviewing family and friends of the victim, Jerry James "JT" Turner, 64.


Family members are in shock to hear that Jerry Turner, JT as he was known to friends, is dead. Police say a woman found his body inside an apartment on Shattuck Avenue South in Renton Wednesday and he had obvious signs of "violent trauma.”

According to his nephew, JT was in his 60s. He was coming to the Renton apartment to help his ex-wife recover from a series of strokes, while battling a terminal case of stomach cancer himself.

“He’s been on chemotherapy and I’ve been taking him back and forth to the hospital.”

Police are not saying exactly how JT was killed, or if they have any information about a possible suspect.

His nephew said, “Whoever he had this conflict with, I’m sure they’re going to have bruises all over their body. Because I’m sure he didn’t go down without a fight. Because he was a fighter.”