Man 'Eaten Alive' by Anaconda and survives? Maybe the Discovery Channel was exaggerating just a bit

We knew it couldn’t be true right?

We knew the Discovery Channel had to be exaggerating in its promotions right?

But we watched anyway and turns out, we were right.

Naturalist Paul Rosolie was absolutely not ‘eaten alive’ on camera by a giant anaconda, despite the name of the show being ‘Eaten Alive.’

Rosolie wore a special snake proof suit that was supposed to allow him to be swallowed” by the anaconda.

But after the two-hour build up during the show that aired Sunday, the 250-pound snake squeezed him for a bit, wrapped its jaws around his head, and then Paul tapped out.

He was rescued by his assistants.

A press release was posted on the Discovery Channel’s website before the special aired.

It stated that Paul Rosolie said he was eaten alive by a giant green anaconda, the largest and most powerful snake in the world. It also said that he spent an hour inside the snake, which was difficult because he’s claustrophobic.

The reviews from Twitter are brutal.