Man convicted of 'thrill killing' of popular wine steward sentenced to 29 years

SEATTLE -- The man convicted of what prosecutors called a "thrill kill" received 29 years behind bars on Friday.

Last month, Dinh Bowman was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Yancy Noll.

Noll, a popular wine steward, was shot while sitting in his car at a Seattle intersection in 2012.

During the sentencing, Noll’s friends called Bowman a psychopath and a monster. Bowman claimed self-defense and plans to appeal.

Noll’s girlfriend didn’t have a prepared speech; instead she said she wanted to speak from the heart.

“I miss Yancy every day. I don’t know what it’s like to grow old with him,” Jody Wirtz said.

Noll's friends pleaded with the judge to give Bowman the maximum sentence of 32 years.

Prosecution said Bowman targeted Noll, a stranger, because he wanted to know what would feel like to kill someone.

Bowman showed no emotion during the trial last month but he cried during the sentencing.

“I am disappointed that the jury didn’t believe me,” Bowman said.

The 32-year-old testified that Noll attacked him, throwing bottles into his car during a road rage incident.

He did not apologize to Noll’s family and friends during the sentencing but said, “I hope that through this process they are able to find some closure for this chapter, this horrible chapter of their lives."

Noll’s girlfriend covered her ears when Bowman addressed the court and the victim’s friends defended Noll's character, calling him a gentle man with a kind heart.

“He would never in a million years throw anything because he was about to be cut off in traffic,” best friend Brad Kenny said.

Before he announced the sentence, the judge told Bowman that he did not buy the road rage story. Judge Bruce Heller said Noll had both hands on the steering wheel when he was shot three times in the head.

He also said that anyone with any remorse would have not tried to hide evidence, much less go out to dinner with his wife shortly after the shooting.