Man carrying rifle near May Day march location: 'These people have a right to free speech'

SEATTLE --  A man carrying a rifle over his shoulder near the site of a planned anti-capitalist march in Seattle was raising some concerns among bystanders.

But the man,  Shane Butts of Puyallup, told Q13 FOX News he was there at Seattle Central Community College to 'ensure people's rights get respected.'

"These people have a right to free speech," Butts told Q13's David Rose.

When asked Butts said the rifle was not completely loaded.

"There are rounds in the magazine, but not in the chamber," he said.

Some people nearby expressed concern about the rifle, but Butts said that came from ignorance.

"I don't care.  They can be afraid," said Butts.  "No one is going to get hurt."

Butts said he had not been approached by law enforcement and he was completely within his right to carry the rifle as he was.

"There is no reason to stop me and detain me."