Man arrested for allegedly leaving two beheaded calves on Bellingham road

Bellingham police arrested a man after he allegedly beheaded two calves and left their heads at the home of a woman he was ordered not to contact.

Police responded to calls of two headless calves found in the middle of the road in the 4000 block of Hannegan Rd. on April 21st. Bellingham police said both calves were found with their legs tied with orange baling twine.

Investigators said the 59-year-old man involved was recently released from prison after serving nearly 10 years for violating a no contact order with a woman.

On April 2, the woman found a package of moldy books addressed to her from an address associated with the suspect. 

On April 15th, a witness called 9-1-1 to report a white Dodge Durango registered to the man and found a box of food in the middle of the road less than 100 feet from the woman’s home. 

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On April 16th, a neighbor reported seeing the same vehicle dumping car parts on the woman’s property. The incident was caught on surveillance video and sent to Whatcom County deputies.

On April 21st, officers responded reports of the two dead, beheaded calves found in front of Cowden’s Gravel in Bellingham. Later a dead coyote with their legs tied with similar orange baling wire was left at the Cowden Gravel Cedarville Road facility. 

Police received a tip on April 22nd from a third witness who saw the white Dodge Durango driving south on Meridian around midnight April 21st. The witness said they saw the driver dragging the two dead calves behind his vehicle.

On April 23rd, the woman called 9-1-1 to report the two calf heads dumped on her property near Cherry Lane.

Police said the man found two dead calves and used an axe to decapitate the animals, then left them on the victim’s property. 

He was arrested April 29 on harassment and stalking charges.

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