Man arrested after allegedly confessing to groping women, including at Edmonds Community College

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Police said Wednesday they arrested a man who  confessed to a series of sexually motivated assaults in Lynnwood, including at least one on the campus of Edmonds Community College in May.

Police said detectives were interviewing the man on a misdemeanor warrant who fit the description in several recent incidents in which a man grabbed the buttocks of women in the area of 200th Street SW and 60th Avenue W.

"The suspect confessed to these incidents, as well as several other incidents, which have not been reported to the Lynnwood Police Department," the department said in a news release.

"In three of the incidents on June 23, June 29 and June 30 the suspect approached lone females who were on the street and assaulted them by grabbing their buttocks and then walked or ran away," the news release said.

"Additionally, the suspect confessed to the earlier incident at Edmonds Community College, which occurred on May 13,  where a female had been assaulted by the suspect who grabbed her chest as she walked across the campus.  Detectives are still investigating any connection to a separate assault at Edmonds Community College, where a female was physically attacked late at night while walking alone."

Police said the suspect is a black man in his 20s and that he has been booked at the Lynnwood Jail on four counts of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation.

Police are asking anyone who believes they might have been assaulted by this suspect to contact the police department via 911. But the police said they are not releasing a photo of the suspect because it might "compromise identification" in other cases.

Here is a video from an earlier Q13 FOX News story on the college campus assaults: