Man admits he posed as teenage boy on social media to trick own daughter into sending naked pictures

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – A New York man admitted Monday that he’d posed as a teenage boy on social media to trick his own 14-year-old daughter into sending him naked pictures of herself, according to media reports.

The man – who wasn’t named, because doing so would identify the daughter he victimized – pleaded guilty to 12 counts of enticing a child to producing child pornography and receiving and sending child porn.

Court records reportedly show that he later used the photos as leverage to begin sexually abusing his daughter.

The man reportedly set up accounts on Instagram, AOL and a texting service under a fake name, pretending to be a 16-year-old boy from a neighboring town.

The girl sent him explicit pictures but soon decided to break up with him, prompting the man to threaten to show the pictures to her father.

Himself, in other words.

"I told you that a bunch of times when we were dating that I don't like those pics and now you are threatening me that if I don't send you those then you'll send my dad the ones I sent you before?" she texted. "My life is ruined."

At another point, he told her that he wouldn’t show them to anybody – on the condition she sent more.

"You said that about the other one and now you're threatening to send it to my father, who by the way will kill me," she texted back.

Court papers say the man led the girl to believe the fake boyfriend had committed suicide by sending a text that claimed to be from the fake boy’s mother.

The man faces up to 250 years in prison.