Man accused of killing stepdad allegedly told police: 'It was a good day to get this done'

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Police said murder suspect Jason Anthony Salas told detectives "it was a good day" to bludgeon his stepfather to death, adding that "signs all around" told him to carry out the killing.

Kitsap County prosecutors charged Salas with first-degree murder in the slaying of his stepfather, Gillbert Sayama Sablan, at a home in East Bremerton on Wednesdsay.

Court documents said Salas told police that he and the victim never got along, and that Salas used a crowbar to attack Sablan in front of five children.

Detectives said that Salas attacked Sablan at the home that they shared, the Kitsap Sun reported.  When the children witnessed the attack and began crying,  Salas told them to stop.  Salas reportedly then dropped the children off with another family member, telling the relative that he'd done "something."  The family member called 911, the paper reported.

When police checked the house, they found blood splattered on the walls, furnishings, floors and ceilings.  They also found a man lying on his side, face down in a large pool of blood in the kitchen, court documents reported.  An aid crew responded and pronounced the man dead. He was later  identified as Sablan.

Salas was taken into custody, interviewed by detectives, and later booked into the Kitsap County Jail on one court of Murder First Degree Domestic Violence.