Man accused of attack on customer in Lakewood restaurant contacts police after news reports

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – Lakewood Police say a man suspected of attacking a fellow customer at a Dairy Queen in Lakewood contacted them through an attorney after media reports of the incident.

The victim and a witness say the attack was unprovoked, and they now fear the man responsible won’t hesitate to strike again.

“It felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat; total surprise, no warning, no altercations,” said Garrett Harrell, who is still recovering after spending at least two days in the hospital due to the attack.

Janice Taylor was working that day. She walked us through the moments leading up to the assault at her register.

“I heard this pop; it was loud enough that you could have heard it from Seattle had you been here,” said Taylor.

Surveillance cameras caught the punch. Harrell says he’s never seen the man before, and he doesn’t know why he struck him so hard that he received injuries to his head and body.

“It makes me feel disgusted that somebody would take an action totally unprovoked,” said Harrell.

Harrell is hopeful someone recognizes the man.

“That could have killed me,” said Harrell. “I’m lucky to be alive.”

Taylor wants the same as she is fearful the suspect will be back for more than just an ice cream sundae again.

“I think that if he could do it in a public place like this, where this is mostly a kid-familiar restaurant, then, yes, he could do it anywhere,” said Taylor.

Taylor said the suspect had children with him, and he took off in a dark silver SUV or van-type vehicle.