Making homes safe for seniors

SEATTLE -- As our parents and grandparents age, it can be tough to want to keep them safe in the home, while also giving them the space to maintain their independence. But Kristi Larson, owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care franchises, says it's important to be proactive, considering the most common cause of hospital visits for seniors are trips and falls. These accidents, she points out, can in many cases be prevented.

We had Kristi walk us through the kitchen and the bathroom of her parents' home to point out the potential safety issues we can easily be addressing. From bathmats (put down adhesives to keep it from slipping), to area rugs (roll them up and take them away altogether if they slide around easily), there are a few simple things we can do to keep our senior family members safe.

Below are some pointers from Kristi on a few specific rooms in the house, things that you can get started on now. Additionally, there are free resources available by clicking HERE, including a free home safety checklist. Home Instead Senior Care's team of experts can be reached by calling 206-622-4663.

In the kitchen:

    In the bathroom:

      In the hallway: