Make your commute easier: public transit vs. carpool

The traffic around Seattle can be frustrating especially when you're stuck in rush hour.

PEMCO Insurance says there's two options to make your commute easier. If you take the bus, you don't have to pay for parking and if you carpool, you can save some time on the road by using HOV lanes.

There are a few things to consider if you're thinking about public transportation or carpool:

    With carpool, you might have to chip in for tolls, gas and maintenance.

    If you want to save money, then public transportation is the way to go because you'll reduce your mileage to the point that you qualify for cheaper insurance.

    As for carpool or ride share, PEMCO says there's more flexibility in where you get picked up or dropped off. You also have more control over things like the radio and how many people you pick up or drop off.

    Either option can be best depending on your circumstances. The trick is to make sure you understand the trade-offs and any new responsibilities you might have like changing insurance needs. You'll want to test out different choices once or twice a week for about a month or so.