Mailboxes look like bank boxes to thieves during graduation season

EDMONDS, Wash. – Edmonds Police are looking for thieves they say are responsible for stealing up to 200 pieces of mail found dumped on Saturday morning. They are issuing a warning to residents to check their mailboxes daily. Police said they believe the crooks are looking for graduation letters filled with cash and gift cards.

“We filed a police report, but there’s not much they can do,” Kristin Adair, said she has been targeted before by mail thieves. “We’ve had packages stolen in our neighborhood. We’ve had Amazon Fresh deliveries stolen,” she said.

She had not heard about Edmonds Police latest warning, that thieves are targeting high school seniors.

“That’s just really low,” she said. Her young daughter is just 7 months old, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be targeted said police. Thieves are hitting everyone, just hoping someone has a senior.

Edmonds Police said it’s often a group of individuals committing the crime. There’s a driver, someone in the passenger seat to get the mail, and a person in the back to sort through the mail for money. They then often dump the opened evidence in random spots.

Edmonds Police said they came across several on Saturday morning in downtown Edmonds and in the neighborhoods to the north. They said they returned the mail to the Post Office for redelivery.

“They don’t care, they have no filter. They don’t care who they steal from,” said Adair’s mom, Audrey Perrone.

Edmonds Police are asking everyone to check and empty their mailboxes daily, whether or not you have a locking box. They also suggest having important items delivered to a secure location, such as work or a postal box. You are asked to report any suspicious activity to police.