Lower prices, small-town feel lure home-buyers to Mukilteo

MUKILTEO, Wash. - Home prices all over western Washington are creeping farther and farther out of reach for many families, who are looking outside of heavily populated areas for a home and community.

Mukilteo is one of those communities that many are seeking out for home prices that are slightly lower than Seattle, along with its draw as a beach community and small-town feel.

“I call ourselves a beautiful, seaside city,” says Tina Chun, a broker for Windemere Real Estate in Mukilteo.

Chun has experienced growth and change of Mukilteo firsthand. She’s been in the area since 1995, and besides working in the area, has also raised two kids here.

She says this area is perfect for its tight-knit community and great schools. But while Mukilteo is still a small town, it’s definitely changed from when she would come a as a child for fishing and recreation.

“In the 70s, it was just forested land,” says Chun. “That was all we saw. We didn’t see shopping centers, or banks, or McDonald’s. It was all forest.”

Most recently, the community has seen the development of Paine Field in nearby Everett and a new ferry terminal under construction.

These are changes reflected across the entire region, as home prices and the cost of living continue to rise.

According to Zillow,  the average cost of a home in Mukilteo is $593,000, compared to $731,000 in Seattle. But Chun says there is still room for first-time home-buyers if you’re willing to put in some work.

“If you are looking in Mukilteo, you can find a home for about $350,000,” explains Chun, “but you will probably find something that needs a little more tender, love and care.”