Loved ones of Bremerton teen stabbed to death say they want to see a trial

It has been six months since 16-year-old Syanna Puryear-Tucker was stabbed to death in Bremerton. 

Her loved ones said they have been waiting to see the case go to trial. Just as they thought they were getting closer, new developments during a hearing on Wednesday at the Kitsap County Courthouse presented another setback.

"It just seems like nothing is happening. I just feel like it should be moving a lot quicker," said Jade Perez, Puryear-Tucker’s sister.

Frustrated family and friends gathered on the courthouse steps with signs calling for justice in Puryear-Tucker’s death. 

16-year-old Lola Luna is charged as an adult for second-degree murder. A judge granted Luna’s attorney more time to review evidence and witness interviews from the deadly fight. This moves the next court proceedings to a later date.

"We want justice, we want to go to trial," said Zayhna Hernandez, a friend of Puryear-Tucker.

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Court documents said the two teenagers were fighting outside of Luna’s house in January, when Luna pulled out a "six to seven-inch folding knife" and stabbed Puryear-Tucker multiple times. Luna’s attorney claimed she was acting in self-defense.

Though it has been months since she died, Perez said her heartache feels like the first day.

"Never thought I’d lose a sibling, my baby sibling and now I only have two," said Perez. "It’s sucks because I felt like I was supposed to be her protector."

Throughout the past six months, family and friends gather outside of the courthouse every time there has been a development in the case.

"Using our voice because she’s not here to do that. So, us coming together as a community—her friends, her family, even people that never knew Puryear-Tucker are coming together and helping us spread awareness," said Hernandez.

Puryear-Tucker leaves behind a daughter who will soon celebrate her first birthday. Perez said she will remember her younger sister as a caring mother with a fun sense of humor.

"She was probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Everybody knows that Syanna is funny," said Perez. "The people that she loved, she loved them hard…probably more than she loved herself sometimes. And I don’t think that she knew how many people’s lives that she touched."

Though the case has been moving slower than expected, Perez said their demand for a trial remains steadfast. 

"We just want everybody to be held accountable for that day. That’s it. Like everybody, even Syanna’s friends that were there, they all need to be held accountable," said Perez.

Lola’s next court hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4 at the Kitsap County Courthouse.

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