Looks like Ivar's Seafood will stay at Sea-Tac Airport, at least in some form

SEATTLE -- The Port of Seattle announced Wednesday that it has offered food cart and kiosk opportunities to Ivar’s Seafood and a couple of other food retailers at Sea-Tac International Airport.

Ivar's Seafood, Wendy's and Maki of Japan restaurants will close in early 2018, the Port said, as begins a major renovation to add 10,000 square feet of mezzanine space to the Central Terminal.

“We value the experience and customer service focus of Ivar’s, Wendy’s and Maki’s of Japan, and are eager to continue that partnership during construction in the Central Terminal," Port of Seattle Commissioner Stephanie Bowman said. "Looking forward, I’m pleased that the competition in our next round will strike the right balance between celebrating our local favorites and creating an environment where newer businesses can compete.”

Ivar's issued a statement Wednesday welcoming changes in the Port's bidding process for retail leases at the airport, and accepted the Port's offer to conduct business temporarily as a food cart or kiosk starting in January.

The statement said Ivar's is planning to bid in the next round for a new, more permanent location at the airport.

Meanwhile,  it said, “Ivar’s will stay open as long as they let us, and we’ll also look at what kind of cart or kiosk could keep customers in chowder during construction.”    

The airport outpost of Ivar's has been there since 2005. It lost its lease during a recent bidding process, but began a public relations campaign to seek changes in the process for a new lease.

“We want to keep Ivar's at Sea-Tac,” said public relations man Bob Donegan said.