Looks like a police car doesn't it? But deputies say one thing tipped them off that it was something else entirely

BENTON COUNTY, Arkansas -- Two men were arrested after sheriff’s deputies pulled over what looked like another police cruiser reported KFSM-TV.

While the car was a black and white Ford Crown Victoria with red and blue emergency light bar, push bar and official police decals on all sides the deputies noticed something that others might miss.

The car did not have any city, county or state name identifying the jurisdiction of the supposed ‘officers’ riding inside the car.

Once deputies made the stop they were able to quickly identify the two men behind the wheel as a convicted felon and his companion.

Both men were promptly arrested and now face charges including criminal impersonation, possession of a controlled substance, emergency lights and sirens by prohibited persons and driving on a suspended driver’s license.

The stop happened last Friday just after 10:00pm in Springdale Arkansas.

KSFM-TV identified the men as Kendall Wright and Joshua Presley.