LOOK: This incredible photo is not what it seems

Photo by Darrell Staggs, courtesy U.S. Department of the Interior on Facebook

GLEN CANYON, Utah -- What a frightening place to hike so casually right?

Maybe not.

The U.S. Department of Interior posted this incredible photograph to its Facebook page Friday.  The picture was taken by Darrell Staggs at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near the Arizona/Utah border and what looks like a sheer cliff falling off to the bottom left of the frame is actually a reflection in still water of a sheer cliff above the hiker.

Look at the photo again, do you see the water and the reflection now?

Here's what Staggs wrote about capturing the image on the Interior's website Sharetheexperience.org:

"This canyon housed a pool of water that was sheltered from any wind, making it a perfect mirror for the canyon walls lit by the late afternoon sun. The sun was rapidly descending towards the horizon, and lighting was changing every minute. At this time of day, you can sit in a single spot and take an ever-changing set of images of the same subject. Not all spectacular shots are obvious."