Local women feeling inspired ahead of Kamala Harris inauguration

Tomorrow morning’s inauguration is a day many will be watching, a day many people have been waiting for.

For all of us, it’s a historic event - a woman and a woman of color becoming the nation’s first vice president. It’s a moment that will forever change our country.


Victoria Santos and everyone involved with the local nonprofit Young Women Empowered, AKA "Y-We" is elated about the impact tomorrow morning will have on so many.

"Any woman, any woman can be president and vice president of the United States. Any black woman, any Asian woman can be vice president and president. We have broken the glass ceiling and we have done it together," Santos said. 

The non-profit works to support leadership and development with young women and girls. And for many, seeing Kamala Harris become the country’s first vice president is simply monumental.  

"The impact is tremendous, we know already from research to see somebody that looks like us doing a particular job really impacts what we choose to do with our lives."

Santos says without question their girls will be watching tomorrow, as will so many girls across the country. But she also thinks about what it will mean for girls watching around the world.

"There's a lot of young women across the globe that are being marginalized and being oppressed and being told they cannot even go to school, and here the vice president of the united states of America is a woman, a black woman, an Asian woman. That is historic and it brings tears to my eyes."

It’s such a meaningful day for sisters Gretchen Tapp and Bridget Jensen, who planned to attend before Covid hampered those plans. 

"Gretchen planned it and she called me and said ‘hey do you wanna go to the inauguration,’ and I cried of course!"

It was a difficult decision for them to cancel the trip due to COVID, but they still plan to celebrate.

"I'm just so excited to wake up early and at 9 am take a shot," laughs Bridget. Gretchen laughs, confirming the family’s plan to take a shot all together, via Zoom.

It’s something they can’t wait to toast to: seeing a woman become vice president.

"I have goosebumps all over my body right now and I’m just so proud. Kamala is going to be fantastic," says Bridget.

"I’m very excited to witness history. I’m feeling inspired," says Gretchen.

Santos says while celebrating this historic moment they’re also reminding their girls to think about the timing of everything. Our nation has recently seen great conflict, and Santos tells their girls, "through conflict is the time to see what you are made of."

She says through conflict we can recognize what’s wrong and then work to fix it.