Local woman works to support both local food businesses and health care workers

A local woman has found a way to help out people working in the food industries and show support to front line health care workers at the same time.

Tiffany Sjong started raising money on St. Patrick’s Day.

Her goal was to pay for enough meals for emergency room workers at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds, as well as help people in the food industry struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have a lot of friends that work in the restaurant industry. I’ve been local to Edmonds, I grew up here,” she said. “I thought about the impact it was having on them and I thought about something I can do to help,” she added.

Sjong says in just a few hours she raised $200.

That’s where Carol Anne Lee comes in. Lee is the owner of Chef Dane Catering. With the money Sjong raised she went to Lee to make and deliver the meals to ER workers on St Patrick’s Day.

“The ER staff was so excited. Every time I show up with boxes of food you can see it brightens their day and it makes the effort worthwhile,” said Lee.

However, it didn’t stop on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sjong has continued to raise money. In less than two weeks, she’s raised more than $7,000, and has delivered hundreds of meals to the hospital.

Several other restaurants have gotten on board, and the donations continue to come in.

Sjong says her goal is to keep raising funds and delivering meals, because as of right now, there is no telling when things may return to normal.

For more information on Sjong’s efforts click here.