Local woman needs help finding her stolen dog

SEATTLE - A local woman in South Seattle is hoping someone can help her find her beloved stolen support puppy.

Jalaysia Vasser says earlier this week she came home from work and realized her 7-month-old puppy was gone. She knows her puppy was stolen because her leash was gone as well as other property.

The first clue was when the puppy didn't come to the door, like she normally does when she came home.

"I opened the door and the lights were on and she wasn't here.  She's like my best friend, she's like my child ... I can't believe anybody would do this," Vasser said.

Jalaysia has filed a police report, but unfortunately, no fingerprints were left behind.  She believes the burglar who took her puppy got through a backdoor based on how her home was left.  She says her puppy helps her through anxiety and depression.