Local woman helps raise supplies to get homeless kids, families out of the cold

SEATTLE -- Thanks to one local woman, homeless families with young kids don't have to face the cold.

She's sharing her story, hoping to raise supplies for the kids and, most importantly, raise awareness.

Amber Chadwick said her little girl is warm and safe at night, thanks to one woman on a mission.

"I actually was coming out of a driveway delivering goods to another mom that we have in a hotel and I literally saw the little boy playing in between Dumpsters behind the building," said Star Lalario, who raised the funds to put the family of five in a hotel room until they can figure out housing options.

"This family ... they were behind Hobby Lobby with a 2-month-old, so we are putting them up in a hotel and I'm giving them essentials for those kiddos," Star says.

She added that Amber's family is one of several with young children who she is trying to help. Star said her inspiration comes from her own experiences with homelessness as a child and as an adult. After hearing news reports about the homeless situation here, she says she had to do something for the kids.

"It started with a care package."

And that is how her "Babies of Homelessness" website was born. Star says she utilizes social media to collect donations for families in need.

"I have got a storage unit now full of generous donations," she said. "I bring diapers, socks, blankets, clothes, care packages that contain baby foods, cereal, Chapstick, diaper balm, anything that you would associate with a baby, a child or a toddler."

Amber said that thanks to Star, she and her husband and their three children have been off the streets for three days while she seeks other housing.

"I am very appreciative and it's nice to know that there's people out there who really care," Amber said.

Star's website is at http://www.babiesofhomelessness.org/