Local woman eats only Starbucks for 1 year

SEATTLE -- You think a woman named Beautiful Existence would be all about hyper-local. Turns out she loves the 'Bucks.

Local blogger Beautiful Existence -- real name -- reportedly lived on exclusively Starbucks breakfast, lunch and dinners for all of 2013.

According to her blog, for1yearofmylife.com, 40-year-old Existence chose to only eat and drink from Starbucks in order to raise awareness about "all the environmental and job-creation/job-benefits and community building the company does." The Seattle mother said she spent about $500-$600 a month on the food. She ate and drink nearly everything on the menu -- from turkey sandwiches to Frappicinos  -- and would frequently pre-buy meals ahead of time to keep in her fridge.

Existence also used her year to see how much packaging she would gather through Starbucks.

She is no stranger to her For 1 year of my Life challenge, and this year plans to complete all of the 80 or so outdoor sports available at REI.

Existence told the New York Daily News that a year of eating only Starbucks was indeed difficult, especially in the last month.

"People had pizza at the office last week and I was dying," Existence joked.

Her first non-Starbucks meal on Jan. 1 was the Ivars.

For more on Existence and her challenges, click her blog.