Local store owners respond to governor's call to ban flavored vaping products

Proponents of vaping are hoping to fight back against the Governor’s executive order to have the State Board of Health implement an emergency ban on flavored products.

Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee announced in a press conference he is directing the state Board of Health to implement a ban on flavored products in response to a nationwide outbreak of vaping related lung illnesses.

In Washington, seven people have gotten sick due to vaping related illness. Nationally, there have been 13 deaths connected to vaping.

However, some people say banning flavored vaping products is not the way to go, and if the ban takes effect it will destroy their businesses.

“We are trying to blow our stock because we don’t know what will happen,” said Tiffany King.

King is part owner of New Way Vapors in Port Orchard. She and her father started the business about six years ago. They say vaping helped them quit smoking, and that’s part of the reason they went into the vaping business.

King says they card every single person who walks in. They also do no sell any products with THC.

The CDC announced Friday THC products may play a role in the outbreak. They report 77% of people in this outbreak say they used THC products.

King says she's worried what a vaping ban will do to her, her family and her employees.

“For them to say, ‘hey no flavors,’ means no shop, which means, ‘I’m sorry, 19 families are now looking for new jobs,'” said King.

Kristina Cotant is a customer at New Way Vapors. She is working to organize a rally in opposition to the ban.

“I want publicity. I want people who don’t know about vaping, or care, to realize how many families this will hurt,” said Cotant.

Cotant says the rally is scheduled for October 6th outside the Governor’s Mansion. She is reaching out to other vape store owners around the state.

The state's emergency flavor ban will not take effect until the Board of Health votes October 9th. It will last 120 days but can be renewed.