Local owner reacts to governor’s announcement of $100 million toward businesses

The governor announced Friday tens of millions of dollars going toward businesses, and some business owners say this is exactly what is needed.

This week business took a hit when new restrictions went into place due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Friday, Governor Jay Inslee said $70 million in grant money will be available for businesses, and another $30 million will be available for loans.

“I know lots of businesses that are tinkering right on the edge,” said Shane Abbot.

Abbot is the owner of Lupo in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

He says his business is one of the lucky ones. They’re only down about 6% in sales this year.

Abbott says he and his co-owner have had to change their business practice to manage the pandemic, going from a dine-in restaurant to strictly carry out.

He knows what this money will mean for so many shop owners.

“There is just so many businesses that it just makes a huge difference to get a little relief,” said Shane Abbott.

He says government support is a big help, but support from the community is what helps these businesses continue.

“You don’t have to go to every business, find your one you’re going to support, and if everyone does that it makes a big difference getting through. And buying gift cards and merch and stuff like that really helps out as well,” said Abbott.

The department of commerce said that businesses should be able to apply for grants by next week.

But the loan program will not be available until early next year.