Local mother's message to other moms amid pandemic: 'You are doing so great'

SEATTLE -- Because of coronavirus, this year's Mother's Day celebrations are bound to feel very different, but that's not discouraging some moms.

Local mother Darcy Camden is lifting other moms up who are all experiencing many first-time moments.

“I feel like that word has lost all meaning surreal but it really has,” Camden said.

Under quarantine, Darcy’s son Wesley turned 6 and a socially distanced baby shower thrown by her friends brought out all the emotions.

“The effort that went into that meant so much I was blown away,” Camden said.

Everything about being a mother is not only profoundly different but difficult.

“It’s really easy to make things look fine in 3 Instagram stories a day it looks like we are all holding it together but really in between, we are having breakdowns multiple times a day,” Camden said.

She says her husband is working hard full time from home. Camden works as a wardrobe stylist for Styled Seattle when she finds the time.

She is also homeschooling her son and niece 5 days a week.

“My son has not gotten dressed in clothes in 8 weeks he wears pajamas day and night sometimes we don’t get a bath in, we have cereal for dinner,” Camden said.

The honesty is refreshing.

“This time is all about being honest, being vulnerable so you can connect and commiserate, those conversations are those that charge me up,” Camden said.

So on this Mother’s day weekend, she wants moms to share both their ups and downs with one another.

“All moms out there who are doing work, school and parenting everything you are doing so great,” Camden said.

This year’s Mother’s day will certainly not be like years past but Camden says we can still connect.

“The words are everything right now because we can't be physically close to hug our mom, writing a letter or doing a call and really saying how you feel is everything I think the word appreciation has taken on so much extra meaning,” Camden said.

Expressing gratitude with words can be a powerful tool or even simply saying "good job" this Sunday will go a long way.