Local Girl Scout troop shares a sweet surprise with Burien police officers

BURIEN, Wash.  --  It`s a sentiment that`s sweet in more ways than one.  A simple bag filled with candy and a list explaining the meaning behind each treat -- a  “Snickers” to remember to laugh and even “Lifesavers” to remember you are one.

Each sweet given to Burien police officers was hand selected by a newly formed Burien Girl Scout troop; just four girls, ages 10 to 13.

“Some of them are high functioning autistic, some of them are developmentally delayed. They are just a little bit different than everybody else,” says mom and troop leader, Cindy Leeson.

They’re a small group, but certainly not small minded.

These young ladies say the goody bags are the least they can do to show their police officers they care.

“We felt that there were so many cops being killed and we wanted to give them symbols to show that they are special,” says girl scout Layla Pilkington.

The Burien Police Department is so touched, they shared a photo of the special delivery on their Facebook page.  Those behind the hard shell of the badge and uniform say, inside, they`re melting.

“It really does help you feel like you`re doing a good job,” says officer Adam Easterbrook.

The girls say they hope their first act of kindness leaves a lasting impression.

“Now let’s hope that we`ve reminded them of who they really are. They are special just the way they are,” says Pilkington.

Leeson says she found the idea on Pinterest and hopes others will do what they can to show support to local police.