Local foundation, federal agency team up to fund conservation, climate change solutions

(Paul G. Allen Family Foundation)

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is teaming up with U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

The organizations are partnering to fund conservation efforts with science-based solutions. They are expecting to fund up to $8 million in new research funding in the coming months.

"We are facing unprecedented environmental challenges that call for new and different ways of working, including a fresh approach to public/private partnerships," said Lara Littlefield, Executive Director on behalf of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. "This partnership combines the strength of NSF’s stellar reputation, rigor, and reach with the foundation’s experience in conservation technology to generate on-the-ground impact. Simply put, science is about understanding, and technology is about putting that understanding into action. We need both."

Recent funding through the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has led to conservation efforts within Puget Sound. Currently, work is unfolding to monitor kelp forests with hopes of uncovering gaps in data that could help restore critically important habitat that’s been disappearing for generations.

A race to stop a kelp crisis, with impacts far beyond local waters

Underwater forests that support our area's local ecosystem are failing. Researchers and volunteers are racing to figure out what's going wrong.

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The new program will open up similar opportunities locally, and nationally – the groups expect to award funds to 4-8 groups. Proposals are due by October 11, 2022. You can read more about the program and deadlines, on the NSF program page.