Local father-son comedy duo transcends barrier of age, brings laughter to seniors

SEATTLE  --  It’s been said, laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

“The best part is just seeing them laugh and making them smile that’s the best part,” said Max Pelzeo…

The 14 year old is living out his dream one show at a time.

“The hard part for comedy is writing new jokes, that’s the hard part, the easy part is practicing and the shows are the best part about it,” said Max.

“His opportunities are very limited. Most clubs won’t let anyone in under 21 and so that cuts off almost all clubs right there,” said Leigh Pelzeo.

So dad, Leigh, got creative.

“About a year ago, my son and I started doing standup shows for seniors and so we put together a bunch of material for senior citizens. It has to be pretty squeaky clean and sometimes a little corny,” Leigh said.

Leigh used to do stand-up comedy years ago, but this is about a bonding experience between father and son.

“I am proud, I am proud,” says Leigh.

Right now, the gigs at the senior homes are steady.

“We earn $150 a show and we do if we are lucky a show a week,” Leigh said.

And Max said he really enjoys the connection with the audience.

“It’s more personal and it’s a lot quieter, so even though they are kind of hard of hearing, they can still hear pretty well,” says Max.

As it turns out, Max and Leigh aren’t the only ones with jokes.

“How do you make holy oil?  You boil the hell out of it,” Yvonne Lewis, who attended one of the duo's shows, said.

Proving laughter is, indeed, timeless.

“I was laughing too much,” Lewis said.

Imagination knows no age.

And dreams…

“This is not a hobby, this is my job now,” Max said.

Well, those go on forever.

“I want to be a bigger comedian when I grow up,” he said.