Local family helps as college freshman prepares for move-in

SUMNER, Wash. -- College campuses in our region are preparing for Move-in Day. If it's your son or daughter's first time on a new campus, it might seem like there’s a lot to remember while packing.

The Windish family recently prepared to send their son, Dawson, off to college.

Dawson graduated from Sumner High School. His mom says the preparation for his move to Washington State University started long before graduation day.

“It’s been a lifetime work, getting him ready,” said Dawson’s mom, Michelle Windish. "My initial thought was that he needs to be able to do everything on his own.”

Dawson said, “I plan to make oatmeal and eggs in the microwave each morning. My brother did that, so I’m kind of taking that from him. It’s an easy, affordable way to get plenty of calories and protein in the morning.”

Packing includes making considerations for things like the limited space you’ll have and the weather on the other side of the mountains.

Dawson said, “It’s going to be warm when I initially get over there. But, also, as you know, Pullman cold weather, snow in the winter.” He added, “so, then you have to pack two different types of clothes. It’s not just Malibu and you don’t just pack shorts, so.”

Dawson says the school gave him helpful hints, as well.

“Fan was definitely one they said because my dorm specifically doesn’t have AC, so it’s important to have that in the summer months before it cools off,” he said.

Dawson adds you can’t forget to pack the technology, saying “besides the cell phone, the laptop is very important.”

“Whether it be notetaking or just using that every day in class. It’s just one of those items, cannot forget that when I leave.”

With the essentials in hand, Dawson is ready for his first year of college, away from home.

And, this isn’t just a big change for teenagers, it's something that takes a toll on parents as well.

“It’s going to be fine," Dawson’s dad, Ryan Windish said. "You have to trust that you did a good job raising them and they’re going to be responsible and rational and do just fine.”

Important things to remember before you send your kids off to school include checking with your student’s school before moving day.

It could list items to remember as well as those to leave behind, and information such as measurement limits for appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.