Local couple invites snake to their wedding (PHOTOS)

SEATTLE -- The self-proclaimed "only 'Vegas' style wedding chapel' has done it again.

Always up to help facilitate an interesting wedding request, Shotgun Ceremonies of Seattle helped usher in Mari and Don's wedding in classical, Adam and Eve style recently. That is, the ceremony included a large boa snake and an apple.

Shotgun Ceremonies explained the newlyweds' decision, and why they thought the snake was so important to have at the ceremony.

"Mari & Don who met through a mutual friend at a Superbowl party!" Shotgun Ceremonies said. "Their first conversations was about Mari's snake because Don owned a reptile pet store at the time! It was love at first snake!"

Stephanie Walls, a professional wedding photographer, helped donate her services for the wedding. Others donated a wedding chapel, flowers and cupcakes. All in all, more than $5,000 in services was given to the happy couple on their happy day.

"We would also like to give thanks to the people who sent us cards and gifts to our house, but most of all special thanks to Stephanie Walls photography who created an entire wedding in less then 7 days!" Mari said.

Mari has actually been interviewed by Q13 FOX News before, when her daughter's favorite 12s flag was stolen, and the neighborhood banded together to help the girl.