Local business owners have mixed feelings on curbside pickup

SEATTLE -- Curbside pickup is in full swing under the governor’s phase one of re-opening the state, but some business owners have mixed feelings.

Putting your name on something requires a lot of passion, and for Alex Geesman, that is what she has for her store.

“This is my baby,” she said.

Geesman is the owner of Al’s Music and Games.

Usually, the aisles of her store are full of people perusing, but for weeks the open sign has been dark. However, Geesman made changes to how her business operated as the pandemic impacts took effect.

“As people were being told to stay at home, I was already started doing deliveries,” said Geesman.

She says that only made up about a quarter of her normal sales.

She says curbside pickup will help save money on gas from not driving during deliveries, as well as give her business more exposure.

“With the warmer weather, there are more people going out. So, more people are seeing our signs, that are passing by, like our frequent customers that used to come in here. They now know that we have the curbside,” said Geesman.

However, other businesses do not think curbside pickup will be a big help.

“I’m already offering deliveries here in the Seattle area, plus I’m doing shipping,’ said Stephanie Hara.

Hara is the owner of Show Pony Boutique.

She says online sales have been a saving grace for her shop, but she doesn’t think curbside pickup will provide more business than she’s already making.

"I don’t think it's an incentive for people to all of a sudden jump on board because there is curbside,” said Hara.

One thing both shop owners agree on is they can’t wait for people to be able to leave their homes and come back inside their stores.

“I really hope the Seattle community comes out and supports these stores that still need your help,” said Hara.