Little girl losing her vision says life is all about perspective, creates visual bucket list

EVERETT, Wash. -- For Ashley Watson, everything in life is about perspective.  Her bedroom wall is covered in her own drawings, a vision she says has taken months to create.

“I think it’s just really important for people to draw their memories, so like, when you get older you can look back at them,” says Ashley.

But looking back may not be an option for this 12-year-old girl.  Ashley’s mom, Stephanie, says she was born with liver problems.  And while she received a transplant six years ago, Stephanie says Ashley began losing something else -- her vision.

“I just want her to see everything, literally everything,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie says toxins in Ashley’s system have caused irreparable retina damage.  She says Ashley’s doctors say she could be completely blind in two years.

It’s a reality that her stepfather, J.P., has a hard time dealing with.

“It hurts me, it really does, but I want the best for her,” says J.P.

And that’s how Ashley’s family came up with her “Visual Bucket List”, which includes a chance to see a Seahawks game, a selfie atop the Eiffel Tower and tickets to see her favorite band.

Despite losing her vision, Ashley says she’s focused on the bigger picture -- just living her life.  And by sharing her story, she hopes to share her vision of the good that is all around her.

Her family hopes to accomplish as many tasks as they can on her “Visual Bucket List” within the next two years.

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