Little 'Brodie' stolen and sold for drugs? Family pleads for help in finding beloved dog

PUYALLUP -- A family says they are just devastated after their lost dog was returned only to be sold online for drugs.

The family adopted Brodie when he was just 8 weeks old.  The dog, now 6 years old, is a member of the family and they hope someone will recognize him and help bring him home.

"I'm sure he misses us," said owner Kimberly Manazano.  "I just want him back, I miss him."

Kimberly says Brodie ran away from home on October 23rd.

"I don't know where my dog is," she said. "We just want him back. We spent the whole weekend looking for him."

She posted fliers everywhere and even offered a reward.

And the very next day she says a neighbor found Brodie and turned him in to the main office at her Puyallup apartment complex.

"As soon as he called me, I thought, Oh my God! Finally somebody found him and I can go get him!'"

But police say someone took Brodie before Kimberly could get there.

"Somebody appeared there on Friday morning claiming Brodie as hers, describing him from our flier, and they just handed him over to her without any proof of ownership anything," she said.

Surveillance video captures the last time anyone saw the dog.  A woman walking away with the little French bulldog/Boston terrier mix in her arms -- and getting into a gold-colored car.

"We believe the dog was traded for drugs," said Pierce County sheriff's detective Ed Troyer.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department believes they know who stole Brodie.

"Right now the person who we believe took the dog is currently in custody at a different jail and is not being cooperative," said Troyer. "She has not been charged with this case yet so we are trying to recover the dog."

The woman told police she sold Brodie, but refused to give any other information.

Kimberly hopes someone will recognize him and this time help him make it all the way home.

"Ever since this happened, I think about him every single day," Kimberly said. "Every night I wake up in the morning hoping he will be standing at the door or I'll get a phone call and someone will say, 'We found your dog.'"

"Just want him to come home and I hope he's safe," she said.

The family is offering a cash reward for Brodie's safe return. Anyone with information is asked to called Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.