LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Cash!

SEATTLE- If you are looking for a well-mannered pet with a charming personality, we have the dog for you.

Q13 is partnering with the LimeLight Pet Project to help Cash get adopted.

He's a lab mix that is ten months old, and is ready to capture your heart the moment you meet him.

"He's great with other dogs," said Jme Thomas with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

"He is a very good player, he's usually submissive so he kind of finds a place and is happy to take cues from other dogs."

Adoption counselors say Cash does well with dogs of all sizes, is more afraid of cats than they are of him, and is kid-friendly but needs a family that doesn't mind being patient while he learns how to meet new people.

"He's going through a phase where new things, new people and new situations are a little scary for him, so you'll want to be careful working through that, so that meeting new people is a positive experience with treats and things," Thomas said.

Adoption counselors say Cash loves to cuddle and fetch is his favorite game.

He is also very generous and doesn't mind sharing his toys with other dogs.

Adoption counselors say their favorite thing about Cash is how kindhearted he is.

"He's just a gentle soul and we are working on his confidence, so he isn't so insecure about himself, but he is just a fantastic dog."

If you are interested in adopting Cash, contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.